Return Policy

YOUR SOLUTIONS NOW, LLC AND ACHIEVING ACCREDITATION RETURN POLICY PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform Company standards and procedures for the return of Products purchased from Your Solutions Now, LLC and Achieving Accreditation, LLC. GOAL: To timely issue credit for authorized returned products purchased from Your Solutions Now, LLC and Achieving Accreditation, LLC RESPONSIBILITY: Operations: The Operations division is responsible for enforcement of this policy. The Operations Division is responsible for approving the return and issuing the credit back to the client. POLICY: The Returned Goods Policy is designed to:

  • To provide credit to our customers for the return of products purchased via our websites and/or links from promotional webinars and other marketing media within 10 days of request.


  • All products are purchased by our clients are downloadable.
  • There is no products to ship.
  • If a client is not happy with their purchase and emails our companies requesting a refund, a receipt/transaction number will be requested and confirmed.
  • Once the receipt/transaction number has been confirmed and the funds were cleared our financial institution, the refund will be requested from our financial institution.
  • Ten days after the request to our financial institution for the refund back to client, we will contact our client via email to ensure they have received the refund.
  • Emails will be saved until financial institution monthly statement is received and confirmation of the funds being withdrawn from the account is completed.
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